Our Mission

TSC promotes technical excellence and further increases Bitcoin SV’s utility by enhancing interoperability through standardisation, by facilitating industry participation in the development of global standards and ensuring technical standards are maintained and freely available.

How technical standards advance the blockchain industry

What inspires developers, business owners and executives to participate
in the Technical Standards Programme?

We spoke to five TSC members and technical standards programme contributors to gain insight into the value they see in the programme.

To guide consultants in translating their blockchain solution into C-suite speak, we spoke to Shawn Ryan and Bryan Daugherty, Co-Founders of blockchain distribution channel, SmartLedger solutions, and CDO, Gregory Ward.

Getting your company involved

Give your company a competive edge by contributing to the technical standards programme

Propose a new topic for

Do not leave topics that are important to you to others, but proactively join in shaping them. We welcome applications from experts across the industry.

Participate in standards development

Company who encourage employee to join a working group as a reviewer or author gain significant advantages to their business.​

Input to standards in
public review

Industry experts who provides their opinion on the standard will help shape its final outcome and ensure it solves the need of the wider industry.


Centbee co-founder and CEO Lorien Gamaroff explains which payment processors should use the Merkle proof standard and how it can add value to their business.

James Belding, CEO of Tokenized and TSC sponsor of the envelope specification, details the published protocol and explains the implications of its standardisation on the BSV ecosystem.

We speak to the author of the Transaction ancestors specification, Jad Wahab to learn how it works and what its value proposition is for the BSV blockchain and enterprise clients.

Latest news

"Webinar: Show me the Code - Exploring BSV Blockchain Technicalities with James Belding and Jack Davies"

Webinar: ‘Show me the code’

Explore the technical intricacies of the BSV blockchain in a recent webinar by TSC members James Belding and Jack Davies. Discover key implementations, developer services, and valuable tools within the BSV ecosystem.

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How the TSC drives collaboration for Blockchain standards

The Technical Standards Committee (TSC) plays a pivotal role in the BSV Blockchain Association’s mission to enhance interoperability across the entire blockchain ecosystem. As part …

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Collaborating with the BSV Ecosystem – Introducing the three new members of the Technical Standards Committee

The Technical Standards Committee (TSC) of the BSV Blockchain Association plays a crucial role in developing and implementing technical standards that promote interoperability and innovation …

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technical standards committee election recruitment bitcoin builder

Getting Bitcoin Business Ready – a Bitcoin Builder’s Perspective

As part of the Member Election Campaign of the Technical Standards Committee, we spoke to Committee Member, Lin Zheming. Read more to learn about DotWallet, BSV Mining in China and about the work in the TSC.

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Industry insight from a Venture Capital Perspective 

The TSC is seeking up to four new members. To help you gauge whether you might be a good candidate, we take this opportunity to introduce you to Alex Fauvel, a founding member who is currently up for re-election.

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Calling All Technical Experts: The Technical Standards Committee Seeks Up to Four New Members

The TSC is looking for up to four individuals to join its committee. This is an exciting opportunity for passionate individuals to join a high-standard international committee and make impactful contributions to the BSV ecosystem. 

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