Technical Standards Committee


The mission of the Technical Standards Committee (TSC) is to promote technical excellence and improve Bitcoin SV (BSV) utility by enhancing interoperability, through standardisation.

We bring people together, facilitating industry participation in the development of global standards, ensuring technical standards are maintained and freely available.


Technology history has repeatedly demonstrated the value of seeking consensus on technical standards, to fuel industry growth through compatibility and interoperability between different businesses. Bitcoin Association (BA) has formed the Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee as part of its effort to professionalise the development of Bitcoin to support major enterprise use and facilitate global adoption.

The technical programme provides access to a process, tooling, guidance and resources for industry use by participants who, in response to a perceived need, wish to come together to standardise ways that applications built on top of Bitcoin SV can interoperate. It is designed to promote growth of the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, interoperability between systems, and enhance credibility of solutions built on Bitcoin SV, from the perspective of Auditors, Regulators, Insurers, and Clients. It encourages the development of certification schemes, fosters business growth and infers market signalling from proposals and has international reach.

The TSC and the technical standards programme act as facilitators by focusing on governance of the standards process, and not as an authoritative body. Substantial work for recommending standards will be carried out by industry workgroups for each of the different technical areas, meaning that there will be many opportunities for participation from the wider Bitcoin SV ecosystem.


The initial Committee members are listed below. They represent four continents, seven countries and diverse sectors of the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, including wallets, mining, applications, token solutions, venture investment and banking.

Angus Brown Centbee
Angus Brown
Committee Chair
Co-founder & CEO, Centbee
James Belding
CEO, Tokenized
Alex Fauvel Founder & General Partner, Two Hop Ventures
Alex Fauvel
Founder & General Partner, Two Hop Ventures
Masumi Hamahira MUFG Bank
Masumi Hamahira
Executive Advisor for the Islamic Banking Window, MUFG Bank
Jake Jones
James McLeod CTO, The Hopper
James McLeod
CTO, The Hopper
Michaella Pettit
Senior Researcher, nChain AG
Lin Zheming
Co-founder & CEO, Mempool, DotWallet
Bryan Daugherty
Founder of, Smartledger
Jack Davies
Senior Strategy Manager, nChain
Marcin Dyba
Co-Founder and CEO, 4chain