Collaborating with the BSV Ecosystem – Introducing the three new members of the Technical Standards Committee
By tsc-admin
Published: July 18, 2023

The Technical Standards Committee (TSC) of the BSV Blockchain Association plays a crucial role in developing and implementing technical standards that promote interoperability and innovation in the BSV ecosystem.

Recently, the TSC expanded its team with the appointment of three highly qualified individuals:

  • Jack Davies, Senior Strategy Manager at nChain,
  • Marcin Dyba, Co-Founder and CEO of 4chain,
  • Bryan Daugherty, Founder of SmartLedger, Global Policy Director for the BSV Blockchain Association, and subject-matter expert on blockchain information security for the civilian component of the U.S. Department of Defence.

We sat down with the new members and TSC Chair, Angus Brown, about their new membership, their experience and goals.

The technical expertise of the new members

When it comes to technical standards, technical expertise is of course a core competency. This relates to both understanding the BSV Blockchain and how to build applications on it, as well as working with existing standards and community protocols. 

The name of the Technical Standards Committee might suggest that it is an authoritative organisation that dictates how things should be run and applied. However, the TSC works much more like a forum, that helps to reconcile different needs, practices and protocols into one standard that works best for everybody. 

Angus Brown, Chair of the TSC, describes why technical expertise is, therefore, a necessary condition for working at the TSC due to the collaborative nature of its work:

‘The Technical Standards Committee is not just a single group of the most advanced technical knowledge in the industry. The technical knowledge in the industry sits out in the developers. It sits in those companies that are creating and building work. 

‘The TSC’s role is to review requests for standards and identify potential standards that would make their lives better. So we need some technical expertise in the committee to help us understand some of these problems.’

Showcasing technical knowledge and experience

All new members have a proven track record of technical knowledge, which is related to their engagement for their enterprises or for nChain, which is at the forefront of developing blockchain technology.

Jack Davies possesses a strong technical understanding of blockchain technology due to his background at nChain. His extensive research and development work on BSV has granted him an in-depth understanding of the technology and its applications.

Marcin Dyba, as the Founder of 4chain, demonstrates an impressive range of technical expertise. With a focus on technology consulting and engineering, his company, 4chain Studio, exhibits proficiency in understanding business needs and implementing blockchain solutions. 

Bryan Daugherty showcases technical expertise through his role in co-founding Smart Ledger. Their flagship application, the cybersecurity software Sentinel Node is finding great traction with companies and government institutions in the US.

How the TSC’s skills and expertise represent the BSV ecosystem

However, technical expertise alone is not enough to assemble a successful technical standardisation team. Brown states that the BSV ecosystem is a broad industry, and if the TSC is to be successful in working with and for it, it must also reflect this broadness:

‘[We] have a mission to improve the interoperability across the ecosystem of all of the participants in the ecosystem. So to do that, we need to be representative of the ecosystem. We need to have people on the committee who are technical experts. We need to have people who are business experts, people who understand the industry, industry lobbying, people who understand the process of creating standards.’

Marcin Dyba has extensive experience working with existing technical standards. 4chain Studio has a track record of delivering products and services using blockchain technology, including the development of a ticketing platform and wallet. Their approach involves incorporating different perspectives and opinions, which helps Dyba to contribute to developing comprehensive and widely adopted standards.

Due to his role at nChain as the Head of Strategy, Davies is familiar with various community protocols, both open and proprietary, and aims to bring them together to create interoperable standards. He has experience working with developers in the community, disseminating information about protocols, and answering questions.

He is skilled at facilitating dialogue and gathering input from different stakeholders. Davies has previously been involved in the development of standards within the TSC, specifically working on the envelope specification and deferred fee allocation standards.

Bryan Daugherty has extensive knowledge and experience in engaging with policymakers and lawmakers to educate them about the utility of blockchain technology. He has a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape, which is an important aspect of standardisation that helps to find regulatory-compliant solutions. Daugherty also has developed a strong network within the blockchain industry, allowing him to connect with experts and professionals in the field.

The TSC is set up to advance the BSV blockchain ecosystem

The TSC recognises the importance of developing well-rounded, widely adopted standards that benefit all stakeholders, including technology vendors, business users, and regulatory bodies. By leveraging the expertise and motivations of the newly appointed members, the TSC aims to address existing gaps in standardisation and ensure that the entire ecosystem operates according to common standards. 

The collective efforts of the committee, along with the valuable contributions of Jack Davies, Marcin Dyba, and Bryan Daugherty, will undoubtedly propel the adoption of technical standards and contribute to the continued growth and innovation of the BSP ecosystem.

The new members now have a tenure of two and three years respectively. At the end of this period, all members are free to choose to extend their cooperation as a member of the TSC and stand for re-election or to terminate their membership. We look forward to the success of the Technical Standards Committee and wish all new members the fullest success! 
If you want to learn more about the Technical Standards Committee, we recommend you to visit its website, where you can also register as a contributor.

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