Technical Standards Committee
Bryan Daugherty
Founder of, Smartledger

Bryan Daugherty brings over twenty years of in-depth experience in enterprise-grade technologies and digital transformation to his role as a key member of the Technical Standards Committee. With a specialized focus on the BSV Blockchain variant, Bryan’s work is marked by a relentless pursuit of scalable, globally distributed solutions that adhere to the highest standards of integrity, functionality, and innovation.

As Public Policy Director for the BSV Blockchain Association, he has actively shaped regulatory policies, demonstrating an ability to analyze and synthesize complex technical concepts for a broad audience. His book, “The Bitcoin Letters: Bringing Clarity to the Confusing World of Blockchain,” has become an influential resource in the industry, elucidating core differences between blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Bryan’s commitment to technical precision extends to his work as the Co-founder and Chairman of SmartLedger, a leading force in blockchain distribution, and as the Co-founder and developer of CERTIHASH, a suite of groundbreaking cybersecurity applications.

His contributions to the Technical Standards Committee reflect his passion for promoting blockchain’s innovative utility, focusing on key areas such as:

  • Limitless Algorithmic Possibilities
  • Complex Smart Contract Creation
  • Swift, Traceable, Tamper-Proof Transactions
  • Immutability of Records, Ensuring Data Security and Verifiability
  • Economic Incentives for Honest Network Participation