BSV Technical Standards Committee member recruitment

Technical standards promote technical excellence. They fuel the development and implementation of technologies that influence and transform an ecosystem by instilling credibility to new products and applications that utilise them. Standardisation is incredibly valuable for the growth of a nascent industry and BSV is proud to be the only blockchain with a technical standard programme (TSP). The TSP, governed by the Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee (TSC), plays an important role in the development of the BSV ecosystem by governing the standards process and delivering high quality support to working group participants. 

The TSC is recruiting up to four individuals that are passionate about the future development of technical standards to join the committee and become advocates for its mission to facilitate industry participation in the development of global standards. Each committee member will have four responsibilities: to administrate the standardisation processes; support the growth of the TSP; help expend its global presence and, most importantly, act as a mentor and sponsor for the working groups that are responsible for writing the standard specifications. 

We invite interested candidates to read carefully the role description and information pack.  

Application deadline: 24 March 2023 11.59pm UTC 

This is a voluntary role with a three-year term (renewable). Successful applicants are subject to a three-month probation period, after which point their performance will be assessed.

UPDATE on the application deadline: The Technical Standards Committee is inviting applications for membership. We would like to reach the widest possible group of specialists and experts, so that the committee is not only a standard-setting team, but also a networking platform. Our Managing Director, Cyrille Albrecht, believes that such a platform will serve the entire BSV community to gain more opportunities for development. Therefore, we extend the application deadline to March 24, 11.59pm UTC.   

Note: Applications received after the deadline and submissions that don’t address the selection criteria questions will not be considered. 

Who should apply? 

The TSC wishes to bring onboard individuals with passion and experience for governance, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and relationship building, compliance, finance and research to broaden the committee’s expertise and support the delivery of its strategy.  

Individuals with an interest in governance activities and mentorship, good leadership skills and most importantly, a strong interest in process-driven activities, would benefits from taking up a position within the committee. A deep understanding of the latest trends and developments on BSV would be an advantage though we encourage application from outside the ecosystem.  

Why should I apply? 

Sitting on a high-standard international committee provides opportunities for personal and career development with empowering you to: 

  • Support initiatives that resonate with you 
  • Expand your network 
  • Develop your own leadership skills by learning from others 
  • Grow your governance skills 
  • Learn from different industries 
  • Positively shape your corporate image 

Are there other opportunities to contribute to the TSC?  

The nature of the committee member role is predominantly comprised of governance and process-driven activities. The TSC members goals are ubiquitous: to develop BSV ecosystem as a whole and not further their own business endeavour. TSC members may be excluded from participating in specific standards, from joining working groups, from proposing their own standards (for example, to further licensing revenue from their own IP), or from participating in the checkpoint review process of outside submissions.  

If your interest is to actively shape the technical content of standards based on your own interests and ideas, then contributing to the technical standard programme by either proposing a standard, joining a working group or participating in the public review of a specification might be more suitable with your goals. Find out how to get involved.  

How do I apply? 

In order to apply, please complete the application form containing your answers to the selection criteria questions. You can attach to the application form any additional information you judge useful to your application, such as a resumé or CV. The deadline for applying is 24 March 2023 11.59pm UTC

Interested in joining the TSC on its mission to support the global development of Bitcoin SV? Download our information packs below, learn more about how you can contribute and find answers to your queries in our FAQs.