Webinar | BSV: The benefits of becoming a TSC working group participant
By Technical Standards Committee
Published: July 21, 2021
Webinar Bitcoin SV technical standards logo in rectangular shape

This webinar will explore the benefits of getting involved in the Bitcoin SV Technical Standards programme as a working group participant.

Previous participants will share their experience collaborating with the TSC, including the application and onboarding process, time commitment, the varied roles in working groups, as well as how participants work together throughout the development of the standard.

Date: September 16 2021, 2pm CEST (12pm UTC)


  • Delphine Forma – Chief compliance & risk officer, TAAL
  • Darren Kellenschwiler – CTO, Elas Digital
  • Miguel Duarte – Software developer
  • Bernhard Muller – General manager & chairman of the board, Centi AG
  • Dylan Murray – Britevue
  • Chair: James Belding – TSC member & CEO, Tokenized Time
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