Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee
Provides an out-of-the-box toolset to fuel industry growth through compatibility and interoperability between different businesses.
Our Mission
TSC promotes technical excellence and further increases Bitcoin SV’s utility by enhancing interoperability through standardisation, by facilitating industry participation in the development of global standards and ensuring technical standards are maintained and freely available.
A new Paymail standard has been published
Paymail, published previously as BSV Alias, is a collection of protocols for Bitcoin SV wallets that lets parties identify each other and exchange messages securely, confidentially and with mutual authentication. This new specification include a series of changes informed by the two years of implementation and adoption of the 2019 specification, and the publication of a number of interesting third party extensions to the core standard. The 2019 Specification as a whole is withdrawn and replaced by this new version.

Implement Paymail

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"Webinar: Show me the Code - Exploring BSV Blockchain Technicalities with James Belding and Jack Davies"
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